Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Winter vehicle storage – renting the right unit


If you are one of the many drivers who switch to another vehicle during winter, parking probably becomes a serious concern during that time of the year. Because you might be worried about the safety and functionality of your vehicle during harsh days of winter, keeping the vehicle indoors is probably your desire. When your garage doesn’t have sufficient space to hold more than one car, a viable solution you can always resort to, and many car owners do, is renting a unit. However, how do you know you are making the right choice in this department? These are the aspects that should be thought through in advance:

Winter vehicle storage - renting the right unit


Start by requesting information on the facility’s security system. Regardless of what type of storage option you prefer, whether it’s a standard parking lot, covered storage or an enclosed option, you probably don’t want your vehicle to be subjected to potential theft or vandalism. This is why looking into the unit’s level of security is one of the first steps to take. While some facilities might neglect this particular aspect, others focus on a reliable safety system and will give you any detail you request on the topic. So, when you are browsing through various deals on vehicle storage Greenville, don’t forget to find out what level of security you can benefit from.


Perhaps you will decide you need to get your vehicle out of the storage unit faster than initially planned, or you simply need to use the car for one day and then bring it back to the storage facility. For a fast and simple move-in, move-out process, make sure the unit stands at your disposal with ease of accessibility. Because in some cases, accessing your car might require a bit more waiting time, if you don’t want to deal with inconveniences, look into this detail in advance.

Monthly fees

Last but not least, you will, of course, have to think about the price you will need to pay for the storage services received. If you are interested in a long-term auto storage, costs become even more relevant. Because you probably do not want to spend a fortune just to keep your car in a unit somewhere, inform yourself in advance about the costs requested by various facilities, compare fees, and choose an option that suits your specific budget.  However, although it’s perfectly normal for you to value affordability, that doesn’t mean you should overlook more important factors, such as level of security, just to access a smaller price.

These are the key details that you should focus on, when you are trying to find yourself a unit rental option for your winter vehicle storage needs. Because there are various facilities on the market, each offering its own set of advantages, but perhaps coming with downsides as well,  it’s imperative to know what needs to be considered first when you are making this type of decision. With the tips mentioned above, you will manage selecting a unit option that will cover all your needs and requirements.

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