Posted on Mar 1, 2017

What is whiplash? Signs, causes and treatments

One of the most common injuries that is associated with a car or motorcycle accident is whiplash. This term is used to describe an injury to the neck, and the condition is frequently seen among people who have underwent an accident on the road. If you are suspecting you might be dealing with this type of injury yourself, then learning more on the topic will come in handy. The first thing you should know is that you might be able to request a whiplash compensation Wales, if the accident was not caused by you. That being said, here are the signs, causes and treatments of whiplash:
What is whiplash Signs, causes and treatments


The causes of whiplash are commonly known, and as stated above, they are usually linked to a road accident. However, this injury can also happen due to a contact sports incident (such as boxing or even football), horseback riding, cycling accidents or strong fall that affects the head and neck.


If the accident you have been in has been a minor one, this type of injury might not be instantly noticed. However, there are some sings which indicate you might be dealing with whiplash. The most common repercussions of this injury are stiffness in the area of the neck (which can often disappear and reappear), severe neck pain, numbness, arm or neck weakness and even bowel and bladder issues. The symptoms can vary from one person to another, and this is why many people are not aware they might be dealing with whiplash.


Now that you know the causes of whiplash and the signs that indicate it, the next step is to look for an appropriate treatment option. The most popular and effective treatments usually involve pain medication (because pain is the strongest and most frustrating symptom), and wearing a specially designed collar. Besides these two options, which are necessary, physical therapy can also be extremely helpful in the recovery process. Some people might also recommend alternative treatments, such as acupuncture or electric nerve stimulation for those who are dealing with severe neck pain. However, for more accurate details, you should contact a professional, who can consult you and advise you towards the right form for treatment, because the severity of whiplash can vary from one person to another, and only a medical specialist can provide you with the treatment help you need.
If you are currently dealing with whiplash, which has been triggered by an incident that you were not responsible of, then you should also know you have the possibility of receiving a financial compensation. As long as the accident you were involved was not something you could control, you are entitled to receive the financial support necessary. Being injured means you will have to pay for treatment costs, and your activity at your job can also be affected, meaning a decrease in your income, so making a financial claim is the next step to take. You should look for a specialist online, someone who is experienced and qualified to provide you with professional advice, and help you with your claim process.

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