Posted on May 5, 2017

Rules to keep in mind when selecting a teen driver’s car

If you have a teen, you know that he or she is three times more likely to crash the car than an adult is. Therefore, you are quite worried when you want to buy him or her a car, because you do not know what model is more suitable for them. The choice of an automobile for your children is very important, so you should take some time and do some research. The majority of people prefer used SUVs for their teens, because they consider these vehicles safe and secure. The best car for your teen is the one that minimizes the potential for accidents and decreases the odds of harm. Your main goal is to shield your child as much as possible from the consequences of inexperience and youth. Even if your teen is responsible and mature, she or he is still inexperienced behind the wheel.
Rules to keep in mind when selecting a teen driver

Choose a car with fewer cylinders?
It is advisable to choose a first car that has a four-cylinder engine, because in this way you are sure that it is unwieldy. This would mean that you buy him or her a family sedan. In case you opt for a sedan, then it is advisable to avoid the V6 versions, because they are too powerful cars for inexperienced drivers.

Do not buy them a sports car

If there is something you should not do, that is buying a sports car. They cost a lot and are much muscle, and where you count that they have high maintenance costs and insurance rates. Yes, you can find on the market affordable models, but this is a sign that they lack some safety features.

Choose a large car

Heavier and bigger is inherently safer, especially if they get involved in an accident, being it with a fixed object as a tree, or a vehicle. Larger cars have the benefit of having more built-in occupant protection, and this is exactly what you should look for your kid’s car. They are able to absorb more force than other cars. The majority of vehicles in mid or full size category score better crash testing than the small and compact cars. Even if you see that subcompact sized cars get a better gas millage, you should not buy one for your teen. Think of the situation of getting involved in an accident, your kid driving a Toyota Yaris, and the other person a Suburban. There is little chance to stand it.

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