Do I still need to look if I have a HGV sensor system?

The features of HGV sensor systems are improving daily, and many drivers consider that they can fully trust into the equipment to show them if there is any danger close to their vehicle. The fact is that these systems are very effective, but there are times when you have to look by your own, to make sure that the road is safe. If you are a driver then you know how important it is to select the right type of equipment. Not only that it will bring you multiple benefits, but it will also improve the safety when on the road. And if you are looking at the costs of a HGV sensor system you see that it does not cost a fortune. Providers have different cost efficient options, and they fit all the requirements and budgets, so you only have to search for the right one for you.
Do I still need to look if I have an HGV sensor system

You get great visibility

Modern drivers put emphasis on safety, but when having a truck the rear pillars are thicker than usual, and the windows do not offer you the visibility you need. Therefore, having a HGV sensor system would be of great help, because you will see clearly. While reversing, people take off their seat belt, in trying to see better, but in case of driving a truck, this does not help you too much.

HGV sensor systems bring safety

When driving a truck, the rear windows are quite small so, there will be a blind spot that will interfere your view. Therefore, if a child would stay in the back of your car you will not be able to see him or her. Actually, hundreds of kids die each ear due to this type of accident, because people reverse over them in streets. If you are using a HGV sensor system, you can save the life of a kid who does not understands the danger.

But you still need to look

You might have the misconception that if you are using a high-end technology, and you invest in this equipment you do not have to look when reversing. Well, the fact is that you should use your mirrors and turn your head when reversing, because in this way you can cover the surrounding area better. In addition, some parking sensors do not pick up little animals as cats, or they might offer you a distorted view in some cases. So make sure you double check, for your safety and of the ones around you.

How to tell if your vehicle needs suspension upgrades

As a vehicle owner, you also have to care your car, not only to use it when you need. When purchasing it, it features only new components, and for a time you would not have to worry about repairs, but it is advisable to check its state from time to time to see if it has any damages, or if you have to replace some of its components. You should not take the suspension system for granted, because it influences the entire functionality of your vehicle, and you have to be sure that you drive a safe car. After a few years, the suspension system would require repairs, because it has supported tons of metal day by day, and it might feature damages. In this case, you should invest in some GVM upgrade solutions, because they would improve the functionality of your car, and you would have a smooth ride. Changing the suspension system not only that would allow you have a smooth ride, but it also influences the ability to control the car, especially when turning or stopping.
How to tell if your vehicle needs suspension upgrades

The vehicle pulls to one side while driving

The most common sign that your car has a suspension problem is when you notice that it pulls to the right or left. Even if it is one of the commonest signs, it is difficult to diagnose the problem, if you are not a professional, so you should take it to a check if you consider that you have noticed this issue. In addition, the car could pull to one side from any other reason, because there are multiple issues, which have this sign, like: sticking brake calliper, poor alignment, uneven tire pressure, bad steering rack or tie rods. The first issue that should be checked when dealing with this sign is the tire problem, because you might only have to rotate the tires or inflate them.

You feel every bump in the road

A clear sign that the struts and shocks have to be replaced and upgraded is when you have a rough ride. If every bump in the road makes your vehicle bounce, then you should take it to a mechanic for checking its suspension system. The shock absorbers have the role to keep your vehicle on the road, and when they leak, their performance is damaged and they would influence the functionality of the absorbers.

One corner of the vehicle is sitting low

When you park your car, and you notice that one of its corners sits lower than the other ones, you should ask a professional check it, because it might have a damaged spring. Another sign of this issue is when you notice a clunking noise when you ride over bumps. The cause is that the damaged spring is not able to support the weight, and the cornering function is compromised. If your car has a damaged spring, it would also lead to a damaged shock, because they are connected, and they influence each other’s state. You should not wait until your vehicle is dragging along the road before considering upgrading your suspension system.

Why eco shower heads have become so popular lately

In the past years, people have understood the importance of being more eco-friendly and manufacturing products using “greener” techniques in order to help save the planet. Everything from eco plastic bags, eco shower heads and eco methods to turn natural powers, such as solar power into energy have proved to be extremely efficient not only for the planet, but also for homeowners, since they have helped them lower their utility bills. When you are searching for caravan shower head replacement on the internet, consider buying an eco-friendly shower head, since there are numerous benefits that come with this choice.

They help you reduce water quantity and energy consumption

Why eco shower heads have become so popular lately_1

One of the main reasons why these eco-friendly shower heads have become so popular lately is because they help you save a great deal of water. It is generally agreed that caravan water tanks are emptied quite fast, especially if you are travelling during the hot season when you have to take several showers a day due to high temperatures. This happens because you tend to increase the pressure of the water stream when taking a shower. With these jetstorm shower heads you will benefit from the desired pressure of the water stream, but with less water used during the shower, which is definitely a great advantage since you would not have to worry that you would have to refill the tank too often. What is more, since you will be using less water, the amount of energy consumption is also lower, which makes these eco shower heads perfect for both homes and motorhomes.

They use AirCore technology

Another thing that has made these eco-friendly shower heads so popular is the technology manufacturers have used in designing them. Some of the environmentally friendly shower heads available on the market use the AirCore technology, which implies that the pressure of the water stream is higher due to the fact that the air is forced through a small hole located somewhere at the base of the shower handle. The air-water mixture is what causes those so-called turbulences that increase water pressure. Due to this amazing technology, you can save more than 40% water, so you will refill your caravan tank less often.

They are easy to install and require low maintenance

Why eco shower heads have become so popular lately_2

As complicated as everything mentioned above might sound, it is worth mentioning that these eco-friendly shower heads are as easy to install as their regular counterparts. This means that you do not need to call for a plumber in order to replace your old shower head with a new, greener one, since the only operation you would have to perform is to unscrew the former and screw back the latter one.

Resort to a trust-worthy manufacturer

As it was previously mentioned, there are numerous types of eco-friendly shower heads available on the market that are manufactured by different companies, so in order to benefit from the best results, you have to make sure you select a professional and trust-worthy one that can provide high quality products.

What it takes to start a trucking business

The marketplace is in a continuous growth because there is a great necessity of commercial products and goods, so if you are thinking to establish a trucking business, you might achieve success sooner than you have imagined. The growing need of transporting goods from a region to another, or even from a state to another, it creates you the opportunity to have a successful transportation business, and enter rapidly in the trucking industry. However, you should know that there is high competition in this domain, and you have to focus on certain aspects that have to be met in order to make a statement in the industry. Many people are getting into business, but not all of them achieve success, because they might be great truck drivers, but they have no idea on what the business implies. Therefore, if you want to create a firm, which provides refrigerated truck transportation services, you should consider some of the following tips.

Trucks lorrys loading unloading at warehouse

Invest in quality equipment

When establishing a trucking company you have to invest in the right equipment, because they can make or break a business in this industry. However, this is one of the most expensive decisions you have to make, because quality equipment is listed at high prices, and you have to decide if you lease or buy them. New business owners might get confused of the equipment options they have, so if you do not have knowledge in the domain, you should take some time to do research, to see which options are providing you more benefits.

Decide how your firm would operate

This is one of the most important decisions you have to make, because there are two different options, which come with different advantages. So the first one would be to sub-contract the drivers you intend to collaborate with, and you would be the one who would receive the contracts, but your firm would not employ the drivers. In this way, you have the possibility to save some money, as a start-up business, because you do not have to pay any insurances. However, this option does not offer you control over the actions of the drivers, so you might not be contempt with it, and you might prefer to privately own the drivers. In this case, you would have to pay a higher sum to the insurances, and you would have to hire a large number of drivers, but you would be the one who would have control over your drivers and contracts.

Hire professionals to run the back office

Yes, the key of having a successful trucking business is to have quality equipment and experienced drivers, but an important part of the success is represented by the way your back office is operated. Therefore, you have to hire professionals who know how to run the business efficiently, and detect an issue before it comes. In this way, you would be able to able to avoid it in time, and it would not damage the effectiveness of your firm.

Equipment required for flatbed trucking

If you need to carry large pieces of equipment on a regular basis, then the auto hauling business is definitely for you. Imagine that your company will get orders all the time, so the likelihood is that you will be doubling what you are making in a short period of time. Yet, it is important to know that flatbed trucking is by far one of the most demanding types of trucking. This means that you will have to face some challenges along the road, particularly with the van supplies. When planning to get into the flatbed trucking business, it is essential to get the right pieces of equipment. Your time is much too precious to make multiple inquiries, so you should obtain ahead of time the equipment you need from In order to be ready for just about any situation, you should procure the following supplies:
Equipment required for flatbed trucking


The importance of having truck tarps cannot be stated enough. When you are carrying construction equipment or building materials for a living, you need to make sure that the load is secured. You should use a tarpaulin in order to shield the cargo that you are transporting from the elements of the road and to make sure that it does not leave its place. The sheet will keep the freight in the vehicle, so you will not have to worry that the goods will leave the truck. It is advisable to acquire lumber jacks and steel tarpaulins for small assets.

Corner protectors

Undoubtedly, you will need corner protectors to protect the chains or the tarps used in the application. They are generally used on the sharp corners of the loads to secure them to the truck. Corner protectors significantly reduce the damage of the cargo and they come in materials such as plastic, rubber, metal and many more. It is important to mention that corner protectors are a fairly inexpensive option to protect the items involved in the tie down applications.

Bungee straps

In the trucking world, you have to be prepared for emergency situations. This is the reason why you need to invest in quality bungee ropes. If you need to make a sudden stop, you have to be sure that the freight does not fly out. Using regular ropes will only come in handy if you are planning on driving really slow, yet there are times when you have to accelerate. Bungee cords will help you secure irregular loads on the back of the truck, thus being ideal for typing down cargo.

Chains and binders

Last but not least, you should procure transport chains and binders. They are essential for transporting large equipment from one point to the other. They are at the same time strong and durable, so you have assurance that they will help you with safely securing freight for specific situations. What you should know is that chains and binders are basics for those involved in truck hauling, which means that you will be using the on a daily basis.

It is not necessary to upgrade your car’s suspension if you are planning to fit larger wheels and tyres. However, if you are simply replacing the shocks, you may want to consider improving the car’s handling ability as well by way of suspension adjustment. Good handling is essential when navigating on rough terrain because it allows you to do things with ease. What is more, the way the vehicle responds to input is decisive for your safety. A suspension upgrade is not therefore a luxury, but a necessity. Your vehicle’s suspension has to be improved for protection from harm and, of course, performance. To make sure that your vehicle performs at its best, you should get GVM upgrades. Yet, before rushing into upgrade solutions, you should know that almost any component of the car’s suspension can be substituted for an improved version.
How to upgrade your cars suspension

Boost the performance of the shocks

Probably the fastest way to improve your suspension is to buy a new pair of shocks. They are an important component of your suspension system and therefore can affect your driving experience in a negative way fi they are not working right. Their role is to take in shocks so they will not be transferred to the vehicle’s body. Besides the fact that buying replacement OEM parts is simple, you have a range of choices. The reality is that the number of shocks is equal to the number of car models. Yet, it is important to pay attention to the fact that purchasing the wrong upgrade can completely ruin your driving experience. This is the reason why you should ask for recommendations when choosing a solution.

Lower the springs

For better ride and improved handling, you should consider lowering the springs. This will reduce the vehicle’s gravity centre a few inches and provide you great handling benefits. The new springs will reinforce your suspension system, thus providing your car increased strength. When shopping for new springs, it is important to have realistic towing expectations. While higher springs will give you a high amount of stiffness, softer springs are better for ensuring optimal performance.

Fit in strut braces

Strut braces are an essential suspension tool that increases rigidity and reduce the chassis reflex for better handling. Since the front strut has the greatest impact on the car’s performance, it is the first one you should replace. The good news is that a number of aftermarket suppliers make available this device. They are generally made from stainless steel, but they are available in other materials as well. You have to be sure that you are buying the right one for your type of car. Pay attention to compatibility. If you cannot find a steel-based one, you can have one made for you. Struts will cost you, but they are worth their price since.
The bottom line: a lot of work goes into making vehicle handling better with time. Upgrading your vehicle’s car handling should be done ahead of time. It will allow you to control your car more precise. Know exactly what you want to change and make sure that parts you buy match your model.

Ways you can save money on your car insurance

Ways you can save money on your Because buying an insurance policy is not at all cheap, many drivers often look for solutions to cut down on their overall coverage costs. If you have recently purchased a car, or you are planning to in the near future, then you are probably worried about the insurance price you will face the need of paying. When it comes to an auto insurance, there are various way you can save some money. Here are a few tips that might help you out:
Ways you can save money on your car insurance

Choose your car wisely

Informing yourself properly about insurance policies should be one of your concerns before you actually purchase a vehicle. When heading to the dealer’s lot, make sure you choose your car wisely. The type of vehicle you drive will influence the rates, because there already is an average cost of claims for that particular model. Check out the claim rates for the model you are interested in, keeping in mind the year of fabrication as well (if you decide to purchase a pre-owned vehicle).

Request quotas and buy online

Deciding to head out to the nearest insurance office and taking the first offer received is the biggest mistake you can make. Before actually resorting to a particular insurance company, it is imperative to compare several option and see which the cheapest rate you can benefit from is. If you wish to pay the lowest premiums, you should request insurance quotes online, and discover the best rate. With no hassle and no efforts, you can get the best value for your money right in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, if you decide to make your purchase online, you can even benefit from a discount, depending on the company you choose.

Insuring more than one vehicle

If you currently own several vehicles, you can actually benefit from an insurance discount, if you insure all of them with the same company. Insurance providers usually offer a discount to those insuring multiple cars. This mean you will manage to save a percentage on each policy, which is certainly a great plus.

Install an anti-theft system

If you wish to cut down the insurance costs as much as possible, another option would be to install an anti-theft system. If the risk of your vehicle being stolen are minimal, then your insurance provider might offer you a discount. Additional security measurements, such as an immobilizer or an alarm might help you reduce your costs even further, but this mainly depends on the insurance company you choose.

Saving some money on your insurance policy is possible if you pay attention to a few details, and requests quotas from various insurers. Analyse your options, and if your insurance policy is a bit too expensive for your financial possibilities, use these few ways to cut down on the costs. If you are planning on purchase a new vehicle in the near future, then make sure you are informed about the insurance price you will need to pay, considering the car model and year of fabrication.

Steps to choose a suspension bushes provider picture

At a certain point, you will have to change the suspension bushes of your car, and you have to be sure that you purchase the new ones from a reliable supplier. When it comes to spending money for purchasing new car parts, you have to be sure that you buy them from a reliable company, because they are the key of a well working vehicle. On them depends if you will have further complications or not, because if they are in a good state they will offer you a comfortable ride. There are plenty of companies on the market from which you can buy suspension bushes, but you have to be sure that you collaborate with a reliable provider, because on the bushes depends your safety. Here are the main steps you should follow in order to find a reliable car parts provider.

Step 1 – Make a list

You have to make a list with the main companies from your area, which provide this type of products, because you have to see what options you have. Many people choose to buy car parts from the store next corner, and in the majority of cases, they end up by paying a large amount of money on a part that is not suitable for their car. Therefore, you should make a list with the companies, which have a showroom in your area, but also with the ones that provide the suspension bushes online.

Step 2 – Contact the company

If you choose to buy car parts from an online store, you will not have any troubles in seeing if the article you are looking for is on stock and what its price is. But when you prefer to buy the suspension bushes from a local showroom, you have to contact the company, and see what products they have, and what their listing price is. There are situations when you have to come in the store and check if they have the product you need, because they find difficult to offer you all these details on phone.

Step 3 – Choose a first page website

You should know that the trustworthy companies usually have their products listed on websites, and when you enter the keyword of the car part you are looking for, and your location, you will be able to access their website directly from the first pages of the searching engine. When you see that a company has its website listed in the top list, you have the certainty that is a reliable firm, which has a great stock of products and people are contempt with the quality of the products they are offering.

Step 4 – Make a comparison

This is one of the most important steps of the process, because when you compare two or more providers, you will be able to find out the stock of products they are offering, but also the listing prices. Also, the delivery time is very important for the online stores, because it is essential for you to receive the suspension as quickly as possible because your car should not stay in the car service too long.

Marketing campaign tips for small companies

Owning a company implies numerous responsibilities and the manager has to pay attention to every detail that could make the difference between his or her company and the other competitors on the market. However, in case of small companies, things might be even more complicated, especially when it comes to advertising the business. One of the best methods to boost the marketing campaign is to wrap your vehicle with the logo of your company and websites such as might be a good place to start the research in case you are looking for such a company to help you with this matter. Read some useful marketing campaign tips below to get a clearer idea.
Marketing campaign tips for small companies

Wrapping the vehicles

This is one of the best methods to opt for when it comes to advertising the services of a small company, regardless of the industry or domain in which it operates. Many small companies have trouble when it comes to making their services known to larger public, because most of the times they cannot afford hiring a promotional agency to build them a strong marketing campaign. Wrapping the company’s vehicles with the firm’s logo and sometimes applying a sticker with a phone number on the car might turn out to be quite a great advertising method. It is recommended to search for reputable and professional companies that provide high quality services in order to benefit from the best results, even though you might need to spend some extra money.

The Internet really does wonders!

It is generally known that people spend more and more hours browsing the Internet and talking with their friends and family on various social networks. Why not turn this into your advantage? You can create free accounts on those social networks and you can promote your business there. What is more, you can even opt for creating a website where people can find out more details they might be interested in related to the services you provide. In order not to spend too much money on designing the website that matches your needs, you can work with freelancers. Most of them provide people high quality services at reasonable prices, mostly lower than in the case of webs design companies.


In order to promote your business in the city where you operate, you can also opt for spreading leaflets. Go to the best copy store in town and print some leaflets where useful information, such as the price of the services, the phone number or the address is written on. Hire someone to spread the leaflets for you. Students might be the best choice in this case, because it is known that they are always looking for easy and not so demanding activities so they could earn a few extra money.

As you can see, these are some great ideas that you can use in order to promote your small business. It is true that it might take some time until you finally see the results, since the marketing campaign is not as big as it would be in the case of working with promotional agencies, but at least you save some money.

Why choose Subaru?

Buying the right car for your needs depends on a variety of aspects. When having to make such a decision, you should go through them all and finally make up your mind regarding one of vehicles the dedicated market is offering. You will notice that even when you think you have covered everything and all aspects have been adequately considered, new interesting models will appear on the road, models that you might not even heard of. The idea is not to choose a different car each year or to waste a huge amount of time trying to figure out which one would be better. You need to figure out what the essential aspects are when choosing a car or better said, what aspects matter to you. Subaru is a brand that is widely known and appreciated. Although one of the latest models, 2017 Subaru BRZ has impressed those drivers looking for a mischievous looking car, this might not be the right one for a family guy. However, the fun thing about this maker is that it can provide you with plenty other options. All you need to do is figure out why you should invest your money in a Subaru vehicle and not a different one. So here are three aspects that might answer your question.
Why choose Subaru


Since the way in which a car looks is the first thing that strikes you, it is only natural for design to be an important reason in selecting a vehicle. Subaru occupies a leading position on the dedicated market when it comes to this issue. It has managed to bring incredible looking cars, both for drivers in search of adrenaline and family guys looking for a vehicle that can accommodate to the needs of their children. The design is classic with a touch of personality, promising to never go out of fashion.

Safety comes first!

Even though your eye is the one that reacts and see how a car looks before anything else, once you come back to your senses, you will most likely ask about other aspects such as safety. Subaru is known for bringing safe and secure cars that are just right for family trips. It has passed through all kinds of tests and verifications, each time proving that when it comes to safety, Subaru brings quite the competition.

Accustomed with innovations

It might sound a strange message to send, but it could not be more accurate. Subaru is known for bringing all sorts of innovations to the world with each model released. The fact of the matter is that this maker is accustomed with the idea of using technology to makes each and every car released more attractive and more useful for whatever the purpose might be.

Subaru is a maker famous worldwide, enjoying a great deal of appreciation from a great number of clients. Through hard word, dedication and professionalism, this maker is a trustworthy choice, definitely worth considering. Coming with a variety of models, you will most likely find that vehicle that can fulfill to your needs perfectly.