Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Learn how to prepare your car for sale


When it comes to selling a vehicle, you have to follow several important steps to make sure that everything will run smoothly. Investigating the market and the prices, collecting the necessary paperwork including maintenance records, warranty documents, release of liability and bill of sale, inspecting and increasing the value of your car is crucial. Details can make a big difference and by putting the least amount of work in preparing your car for sale, you will surely add more money to its value. You can handle the aesthetical part and leave the mechanics to a professional if it exceeds your knowledge.

Learn how to prepare your car for sale

Pre-sale inspection

When it comes to inspecting the vehicle, you have two options: do it by yourself or contact a specialist. Obviously, by choosing the latter you will beneficiate from extensive knowledge in the automobile field, professional service, objective opinion and reassurance. As an owner, you will probably overestimate your car’s value and this is understandable because you created an emotional connection over the years and you do not accept giving it away for a lower price than you bought it. However, you have to be aware that because of usage and depreciation, the vehicle lost most of its appeal and you will have to settle for less. Anyway, the best decision is to let an expert do his job and give you a detailed report concerning the state of the car. This will help you prevent unpleasant surprises in the future, for instance, a potential buyer might notice something wrong or he can make false claims in order to drop the price significantly. A pre-sale inspection will show that you are serious and reliable, which will give buyers peace of mind and ensure them that you want a fair sale.

Increase its value

After the specialist completes the inspection and hands you the report, you have to read it carefully and make the necessary repairs that will improve the condition of your vehicle. Thus, when you ask yourself: who will buy my car you can answer: everyone who needs one.

  • Start by cleaning both the exterior and the interior, removing any items or packages left on the backseat and refreshing the smell by using a scented spray or a car deodorant. If the vehicle makes unusual sounds when you start the engine, this is a sign that you should call the professional once again.
  • Next, check the lights in order to decide if they need replacement. A visit to the auto supply store and a screwdriver will help you solve the problem. The windshield is another factor that draws the buyer’s attention and he will obviously attempt to negotiate the priced if he notices any cracks or chips.
  • Examine the breaks and tires to assess their condition. If you inform interested buyers that you replaced the brakes recently, this will reassure them concerning the reliability of the car. When it comes to tires, you have to pay close attention to warning signs like worn down treads and determine if and how you need to replace.
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