Posted on Oct 6, 2016

Why eco shower heads have become so popular lately

In the past years, people have understood the importance of being more eco-friendly and manufacturing products using “greener” techniques in order to help save the planet. Everything from eco plastic bags, eco shower heads and eco methods to turn natural powers, such as solar power into energy have proved to be extremely efficient not only for the planet, but also for homeowners, since they have helped them lower their utility bills. When you are searching for caravan shower head replacement on the internet, consider buying an eco-friendly shower head, since there are numerous benefits that come with this choice.

They help you reduce water quantity and energy consumption

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One of the main reasons why these eco-friendly shower heads have become so popular lately is because they help you save a great deal of water. It is generally agreed that caravan water tanks are emptied quite fast, especially if you are travelling during the hot season when you have to take several showers a day due to high temperatures. This happens because you tend to increase the pressure of the water stream when taking a shower. With these jetstorm shower heads you will benefit from the desired pressure of the water stream, but with less water used during the shower, which is definitely a great advantage since you would not have to worry that you would have to refill the tank too often. What is more, since you will be using less water, the amount of energy consumption is also lower, which makes these eco shower heads perfect for both homes and motorhomes.

They use AirCore technology

Another thing that has made these eco-friendly shower heads so popular is the technology manufacturers have used in designing them. Some of the environmentally friendly shower heads available on the market use the AirCore technology, which implies that the pressure of the water stream is higher due to the fact that the air is forced through a small hole located somewhere at the base of the shower handle. The air-water mixture is what causes those so-called turbulences that increase water pressure. Due to this amazing technology, you can save more than 40% water, so you will refill your caravan tank less often.

They are easy to install and require low maintenance

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As complicated as everything mentioned above might sound, it is worth mentioning that these eco-friendly shower heads are as easy to install as their regular counterparts. This means that you do not need to call for a plumber in order to replace your old shower head with a new, greener one, since the only operation you would have to perform is to unscrew the former and screw back the latter one.

Resort to a trust-worthy manufacturer

As it was previously mentioned, there are numerous types of eco-friendly shower heads available on the market that are manufactured by different companies, so in order to benefit from the best results, you have to make sure you select a professional and trust-worthy one that can provide high quality products.

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