Posted on Nov 9, 2011

Specifications of Porsche Boxster S

Porsche launched the Porsche Boxster in 1996 and 2000. the company added recently the Boxster S into its line. Basically the Boxster S is an upgrade to the standard Boxster because it has a better engine, breaks and suspensions. Since we are in 2011 and money is a problem, and we are trying to buy a car which does not consume a lot Porsche has introduces in this model a system which reduces the consumption of fuel. The exterior of the car has also got a makeover with: taillight design and with the front and rear fascias changed. The price on this car is on average about 60.000 $.


The engine of the car

The engine of the Porsche Boxster S has the capacity of 3.2 liters and has 6 cylinders. Because of the size of the engine the car can reach up to 310 horse power at 6400 rpm. It is so fast that it can go from 0km to 60 km is only 5 seconds. Because the engine was designed to reduce the consumption of the fuel and reduce the weigh of the car it was made from aluminum alloy. You have maximum control as a driver in this car because it has it has a gear box which is manual and  dual-mass flywheel.

Dimensions of the car

The car has the following dimensions:

  • 172.1 inches in length
  • 50.9 inches in height
  • 95.1 inches on wheelbase
  • 70.9 inches wide
  • weighs up to  2.978 pounds
  • 5.3 cubic feet in the cargo area
  • a 16.9 gallon gas tank


Since it is a car which was designed in order to reduce the consumption of fuel it has a 26 mpg if you are on the highway and a  19 mpg if you are in town.


The chassis

The  standard model has  265/40 ZR 18 tires in the rear and  235/40 ZR 18 tires in the front. The suspension has anti roll bars which are hold in place in the front and in the back. This car is very safe and in case something happens the model is equipped with airbags for the passengers and the driver.


If you want to buy this car than you will get the best of both worlds, you will be able to feel safe and comfortable but at the same time have that glamorous look that you are looking for.


Porsche Boxster S Pictures Gallery



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