Bentley Continental Specifications

One of Bentley’s lines is called the Continental GT and is where the 2011 version belongs to. This new model is equiped with a lot of new features such as: a reduced fuel consumption, a very powerful engine under the hood and it is lighter than the other models. This 2011 model has become one of the best selling models Bentley has had to offer which is why the Continental has sticked to tradition. It has kept the tradition of being a touring car but the manufacturer has added some upgraded technologies while still keeping the focus on the luxury features which is specific for Bentley. The Bentley Continental GT was launched in 2010 in Europe but it reached the U.S only in 2011.


Technique information

The Bentley Continental is equipped with a W12 engine which has 48 valve twin turbo, 567 horse power, a capacity of 6 liters and 12 cylinders. The car also has 512 pounds of torque and weighs 5.225 pound and is 15.75 feet in length. Because of its magnificent engine it can transit from 0 to 60 miles in just 4.4 seconds having a speed of 198 miles per hour. Other elements which were added to the standard Bentley engine are: the V8 which was added in order to reduce fuel consumption: 19 mpg on the highway and 12 mpg in the city.


The design of the interior

This four seat car has also kept the tradition starting with the  covered in hard sewn leather which matched the wooden inlay. The interior of the car is covered mostly in leather, to be more exact 80%. The rest of the interior is covered with wood which is first treated with UV in order to prevent sun bleaching. The interior is also equipped with a touchscreen with which you can navigate, also with a system which controls your comfort and a telephone.


Bnetley has upgraded its technologie in such a way that it has the posibility to produce one piece using only one piece of aluminium which is shaped under heat. The car is equped with a Naim audio system which aims to perfect the sound of the music and to deliver it at the same quality no matter in what position you are in. Before any of these cars are released to the maket they are tested for about six houers by the manufacturer, it is taken for a testdrive.

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Facts About the Ferrari Cars

Ferrari cars have benn known for years for their luxury lines and for the speed given by their impresive engines. Nowadays owning a Ferrari means that you have a certain status in the sociaty, that you are wealthy and influent. Even so the producer still keeps the perpous of his cars: making race cars able to impress even the pickiest racers. The perception of the Ferrari has changed in the last few years but most people still remember what is the purpose of the car.


The beginning

Enzo Ferrari produces his first car in 1940 and he named it Tipo 815. He started his business after he left his designer job at the Alfa Romeo company. He could not name his first car Ferrari because at that moment he was still under contract at his last job.


The fame of the brand

The model which made and is still making Ferrari popular is the Gran Turismos which has only two seats. The first model appeared in the 40s and the last one in 2007 and it is called 599 GTB Fiorano Ferrari.


The meaning of the Ferrari symbol

The popular symbol of Ferrari consists of a black horse with the initials S.F placed beneath him. The meaning of the horse is very interesting, it was placed on the car in honor of a famous pilot called  Francesco Baracca. The pilot fought is the first World War where he also died. On the plane with which he fought was painted a black horse. It is known that the pilots mother asked Ferrari to place the horse on his cars. The symbols S.F also have a meaning, they translate into Scuderia Ferrari which in English means  Ferrari Racing Stables.


The fastest car made by Ferrari

The fastest car made by Ferrari was launched in 2002 under the name of Ferrari F60. It has an impressive engine, a V12 which can go from 0 km to 100 km in approx. 10 seconds.


Models made famous

Over the years Ferrari cars have been used in many movies and TV shows. Some of the movies where a Ferrari was used are:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where the  250 GT California model appeared,  Miami Vice where  Ferrari Daytona model appeared, Cars where Pixar used the  Ferrari F430 and  Le Mans where the  Ferrari 512 appeared. Beside movies the Ferrari also appeared in many shows.


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The Features of an Audi R8

The Audi car is a German car and launched the R8 in 2000. The Audi R8 is a sports car and it raced in Japan and in Europe where it won a couple of competitions. Six years after the Audi R8 was launched the manufacturer changed the racer into a sports car suitable for driving in town. The model was available in America two years later,in 2008. The company has up to now three models of R8: R8 standard, R8 Spyder convertible and R8 GT.

Features available on all Audi R8 cars

  •  all wheel drive system which sends the power to the four wheel
  •  a magnetic ride system
  •  the driver can change the suspension so that it suites him better
  •  a transmission which is automatic whit six speeds

The engine

Every model has a specific engine. First we are going to present to you the engine of the R8

  • a V8 engine with a capacity of 4.2 liters
  • 420 horsepower at 7.800 rpm
  • weighs 317 foot pounds of torque when the car reaches 4.500 rpm
  • can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds
  • is an engine which saves fuel with: 19 mpg on the highway and 12 mpg in the city

Next we are going to present you the engine of the R8 GT and R8 Spyder

  •  a V10 engine with a capacity of 5.2 liters
  •   525 horses when the engine reaches 8.000 rpm
  •   weighs 391 foot pounds of torque when the car reaches 6.500 rpm
  •   can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds
  •   is an engine which saves fuel with: 19 mpg on the highway and 12 mpg in the city

All the models of R8 have leather interior and lumber support. It has a lot to offer: Sirius satellite radio, a bluetooth for the microphone placed on the driver’s seat belt. A feature which the standard version does not have but the other two have is the parking camera which helps you park your care in a safe way. The models are also equipped with an excellent Olufsen sound system and with Nappa leather on the seats.

These are the features of the Audi R8 cars. They were produces in such a way that anyone can find from the three one that he likes.

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