It is not necessary to upgrade your car’s suspension if you are planning to fit larger wheels and tyres. However, if you are simply replacing the shocks, you may want to consider improving the car’s handling ability as well by way of suspension adjustment. Good handling is essential when navigating on rough terrain because it allows you to do things with ease. What is more, the way the vehicle responds to input is decisive for your safety. A suspension upgrade is not therefore a luxury, but a necessity. Your vehicle’s suspension has to be improved for protection from harm and, of course, performance. To make sure that your vehicle performs at its best, you should get GVM upgrades. Yet, before rushing into upgrade solutions, you should know that almost any component of the car’s suspension can be substituted for an improved version.
How to upgrade your cars suspension

Boost the performance of the shocks

Probably the fastest way to improve your suspension is to buy a new pair of shocks. They are an important component of your suspension system and therefore can affect your driving experience in a negative way fi they are not working right. Their role is to take in shocks so they will not be transferred to the vehicle’s body. Besides the fact that buying replacement OEM parts is simple, you have a range of choices. The reality is that the number of shocks is equal to the number of car models. Yet, it is important to pay attention to the fact that purchasing the wrong upgrade can completely ruin your driving experience. This is the reason why you should ask for recommendations when choosing a solution.

Lower the springs

For better ride and improved handling, you should consider lowering the springs. This will reduce the vehicle’s gravity centre a few inches and provide you great handling benefits. The new springs will reinforce your suspension system, thus providing your car increased strength. When shopping for new springs, it is important to have realistic towing expectations. While higher springs will give you a high amount of stiffness, softer springs are better for ensuring optimal performance.

Fit in strut braces

Strut braces are an essential suspension tool that increases rigidity and reduce the chassis reflex for better handling. Since the front strut has the greatest impact on the car’s performance, it is the first one you should replace. The good news is that a number of aftermarket suppliers make available this device. They are generally made from stainless steel, but they are available in other materials as well. You have to be sure that you are buying the right one for your type of car. Pay attention to compatibility. If you cannot find a steel-based one, you can have one made for you. Struts will cost you, but they are worth their price since.
The bottom line: a lot of work goes into making vehicle handling better with time. Upgrading your vehicle’s car handling should be done ahead of time. It will allow you to control your car more precise. Know exactly what you want to change and make sure that parts you buy match your model.

Ways you can save money on your car insurance

Ways you can save money on your Because buying an insurance policy is not at all cheap, many drivers often look for solutions to cut down on their overall coverage costs. If you have recently purchased a car, or you are planning to in the near future, then you are probably worried about the insurance price you will face the need of paying. When it comes to an auto insurance, there are various way you can save some money. Here are a few tips that might help you out:
Ways you can save money on your car insurance

Choose your car wisely

Informing yourself properly about insurance policies should be one of your concerns before you actually purchase a vehicle. When heading to the dealer’s lot, make sure you choose your car wisely. The type of vehicle you drive will influence the rates, because there already is an average cost of claims for that particular model. Check out the claim rates for the model you are interested in, keeping in mind the year of fabrication as well (if you decide to purchase a pre-owned vehicle).

Request quotas and buy online

Deciding to head out to the nearest insurance office and taking the first offer received is the biggest mistake you can make. Before actually resorting to a particular insurance company, it is imperative to compare several option and see which the cheapest rate you can benefit from is. If you wish to pay the lowest premiums, you should request insurance quotes online, and discover the best rate. With no hassle and no efforts, you can get the best value for your money right in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, if you decide to make your purchase online, you can even benefit from a discount, depending on the company you choose.

Insuring more than one vehicle

If you currently own several vehicles, you can actually benefit from an insurance discount, if you insure all of them with the same company. Insurance providers usually offer a discount to those insuring multiple cars. This mean you will manage to save a percentage on each policy, which is certainly a great plus.

Install an anti-theft system

If you wish to cut down the insurance costs as much as possible, another option would be to install an anti-theft system. If the risk of your vehicle being stolen are minimal, then your insurance provider might offer you a discount. Additional security measurements, such as an immobilizer or an alarm might help you reduce your costs even further, but this mainly depends on the insurance company you choose.

Saving some money on your insurance policy is possible if you pay attention to a few details, and requests quotas from various insurers. Analyse your options, and if your insurance policy is a bit too expensive for your financial possibilities, use these few ways to cut down on the costs. If you are planning on purchase a new vehicle in the near future, then make sure you are informed about the insurance price you will need to pay, considering the car model and year of fabrication.

Steps to choose a suspension bushes provider picture

At a certain point, you will have to change the suspension bushes of your car, and you have to be sure that you purchase the new ones from a reliable supplier. When it comes to spending money for purchasing new car parts, you have to be sure that you buy them from a reliable company, because they are the key of a well working vehicle. On them depends if you will have further complications or not, because if they are in a good state they will offer you a comfortable ride. There are plenty of companies on the market from which you can buy suspension bushes, but you have to be sure that you collaborate with a reliable provider, because on the bushes depends your safety. Here are the main steps you should follow in order to find a reliable car parts provider.

Step 1 – Make a list

You have to make a list with the main companies from your area, which provide this type of products, because you have to see what options you have. Many people choose to buy car parts from the store next corner, and in the majority of cases, they end up by paying a large amount of money on a part that is not suitable for their car. Therefore, you should make a list with the companies, which have a showroom in your area, but also with the ones that provide the suspension bushes online.

Step 2 – Contact the company

If you choose to buy car parts from an online store, you will not have any troubles in seeing if the article you are looking for is on stock and what its price is. But when you prefer to buy the suspension bushes from a local showroom, you have to contact the company, and see what products they have, and what their listing price is. There are situations when you have to come in the store and check if they have the product you need, because they find difficult to offer you all these details on phone.

Step 3 – Choose a first page website

You should know that the trustworthy companies usually have their products listed on websites, and when you enter the keyword of the car part you are looking for, and your location, you will be able to access their website directly from the first pages of the searching engine. When you see that a company has its website listed in the top list, you have the certainty that is a reliable firm, which has a great stock of products and people are contempt with the quality of the products they are offering.

Step 4 – Make a comparison

This is one of the most important steps of the process, because when you compare two or more providers, you will be able to find out the stock of products they are offering, but also the listing prices. Also, the delivery time is very important for the online stores, because it is essential for you to receive the suspension as quickly as possible because your car should not stay in the car service too long.

Marketing campaign tips for small companies

Owning a company implies numerous responsibilities and the manager has to pay attention to every detail that could make the difference between his or her company and the other competitors on the market. However, in case of small companies, things might be even more complicated, especially when it comes to advertising the business. One of the best methods to boost the marketing campaign is to wrap your vehicle with the logo of your company and websites such as might be a good place to start the research in case you are looking for such a company to help you with this matter. Read some useful marketing campaign tips below to get a clearer idea.
Marketing campaign tips for small companies

Wrapping the vehicles

This is one of the best methods to opt for when it comes to advertising the services of a small company, regardless of the industry or domain in which it operates. Many small companies have trouble when it comes to making their services known to larger public, because most of the times they cannot afford hiring a promotional agency to build them a strong marketing campaign. Wrapping the company’s vehicles with the firm’s logo and sometimes applying a sticker with a phone number on the car might turn out to be quite a great advertising method. It is recommended to search for reputable and professional companies that provide high quality services in order to benefit from the best results, even though you might need to spend some extra money.

The Internet really does wonders!

It is generally known that people spend more and more hours browsing the Internet and talking with their friends and family on various social networks. Why not turn this into your advantage? You can create free accounts on those social networks and you can promote your business there. What is more, you can even opt for creating a website where people can find out more details they might be interested in related to the services you provide. In order not to spend too much money on designing the website that matches your needs, you can work with freelancers. Most of them provide people high quality services at reasonable prices, mostly lower than in the case of webs design companies.


In order to promote your business in the city where you operate, you can also opt for spreading leaflets. Go to the best copy store in town and print some leaflets where useful information, such as the price of the services, the phone number or the address is written on. Hire someone to spread the leaflets for you. Students might be the best choice in this case, because it is known that they are always looking for easy and not so demanding activities so they could earn a few extra money.

As you can see, these are some great ideas that you can use in order to promote your small business. It is true that it might take some time until you finally see the results, since the marketing campaign is not as big as it would be in the case of working with promotional agencies, but at least you save some money.

Why choose Subaru?

Buying the right car for your needs depends on a variety of aspects. When having to make such a decision, you should go through them all and finally make up your mind regarding one of vehicles the dedicated market is offering. You will notice that even when you think you have covered everything and all aspects have been adequately considered, new interesting models will appear on the road, models that you might not even heard of. The idea is not to choose a different car each year or to waste a huge amount of time trying to figure out which one would be better. You need to figure out what the essential aspects are when choosing a car or better said, what aspects matter to you. Subaru is a brand that is widely known and appreciated. Although one of the latest models, 2017 Subaru BRZ has impressed those drivers looking for a mischievous looking car, this might not be the right one for a family guy. However, the fun thing about this maker is that it can provide you with plenty other options. All you need to do is figure out why you should invest your money in a Subaru vehicle and not a different one. So here are three aspects that might answer your question.
Why choose Subaru


Since the way in which a car looks is the first thing that strikes you, it is only natural for design to be an important reason in selecting a vehicle. Subaru occupies a leading position on the dedicated market when it comes to this issue. It has managed to bring incredible looking cars, both for drivers in search of adrenaline and family guys looking for a vehicle that can accommodate to the needs of their children. The design is classic with a touch of personality, promising to never go out of fashion.

Safety comes first!

Even though your eye is the one that reacts and see how a car looks before anything else, once you come back to your senses, you will most likely ask about other aspects such as safety. Subaru is known for bringing safe and secure cars that are just right for family trips. It has passed through all kinds of tests and verifications, each time proving that when it comes to safety, Subaru brings quite the competition.

Accustomed with innovations

It might sound a strange message to send, but it could not be more accurate. Subaru is known for bringing all sorts of innovations to the world with each model released. The fact of the matter is that this maker is accustomed with the idea of using technology to makes each and every car released more attractive and more useful for whatever the purpose might be.

Subaru is a maker famous worldwide, enjoying a great deal of appreciation from a great number of clients. Through hard word, dedication and professionalism, this maker is a trustworthy choice, definitely worth considering. Coming with a variety of models, you will most likely find that vehicle that can fulfill to your needs perfectly.

Reasons to opt for a Mitsubishi Lancer

If you are on the point of purchasing a new car, then a Mitsubishi might be what you need. When shopping for a car, either used or new, it can be hard to make a choice, especially if it is your first purchase. When looking for City Mitsubishi Melbourne, there are many great alternatives to choose from, but Mitsubishi Lancer might be perfect for you, from several points of view. This car has that sporty look to it but it is also ideal for driving around the city, having enough space for all of your family.
Reasons to opt for a Mitsubishi Lancer


When buying a car, safety features should be your number one concern. In terms of safety, there could not be a better option than a Lancer, which is equipped with safety features that have proven their efficiency. From side airbags to stability control and antilock brakes, this car has every safety feature possible. Just by doing a quick research online, you will be able to find out that this car model has had excellent results at safety tests, being rated as excellent in terms of impact protection.

Appealing design

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, the designs plays an important role in your decision. With Mitsubishi Lancer, it will certainly be love at first sight, having an appealing exterior design. The design is suitable for any driver, regardless of age or gender. The interior is just as attractive as the exterior. The interior design maintains the same sports-car vibe, but it is also very practical and spacious. The audio control knobs have a particular design, which immediately draws you attention after stepping inside. With a large truck and comfortable seats, there is nothing more you could want from a car.

Great price

When it comes to buying your first car, the price you are willing to spend plays an important role. In terms of costs, the Lancer is quite affordable, in contrast to other vehicles with the same features. You can benefit from amazing features, a powerful engine, and other luxuries that are optional, and still stay within your budget. Therefore, you can see that a Mitsubishi Lancer is a great option for anyone. Either you wish to buy the car new or used, what you need to do is find a reliable and trust-worthy dealer to be certain that you benefit from the best price, especially if you opt for a second-hand vehicle.

How worn out shock absorbers put you in danger

The shock absorbers are vital components of any car, as it keeps the passengers safe during each journey. These parts can be easily damaged, especially when driving on bumpy roads, which is why they need to be replaced every few years. You can click here to find the right parts for your car and check out other car components as well.
Driver Driver's hands on steering wheel

What are shock absorbers?

Together with the tyres and brakes, they play a vital part into ensuring the safety of the vehicle. Essentially, the role of shock absorbers is to maintain the car’s tyres in permanent contact with the road, thus helping the car to have enough grip and stability. These parts also provide comfort when driving, so when they get worn out, the driver will notice some significant changes in the way that car drives. However, problems may arise when these parts are no longer functioning properly.

Reduced braking efficiency

Worn out shock absorbers will reduce the breaking efficiency of a vehicle considerably. While this may not seem like a problem at first, in the event of an emergency, the Auto-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Control (ESP) could malfunction and this will result in an accident. Studies have shown that well maintained absorbers can make the difference between a car accident and a near miss.

Increased risk of aquaplaning

The aquaplaning phenomenon usually occurs when driving at high speeds over a wet surface, but when the shock absorbers do not maintain the grip of the car, this could happen even at low speeds. In addition, the car will easily skid in the wet, making driving in rainy conditions a real challenge.

Less control of the car

When shock absorbers don’t work well, the car will be harder to control when cornering or caught in cross wind, making it prone to roll over. In addition, the headlight level can become uneven, that could temporarily blind on-coming drivers and thus, potentially causing an accident.

Even though these problems may not happen right away, it is still important to check the car regularly and replace all parts that have worn out in order to avoid any possible problem. When it comes to driving safety, making the necessary investments in functional parts will keep you and your passengers safe every time you get on the road.

The classic FX 48 Holden car vs. the modern Holden Commodore VFII

Now that Holden announced that, their last car will be produced in 2017, it is time to see how Holden cars evolved in time. There is no better way in doing this than making a comparison between the first and last Holden vehicles. Holden is now part from GM and is responsible for vehicle operations in Australasia. Trough years it offered badge engineered models as Isuzu, Chevrolet, Opel, Nissan, Vauxhall Motors or Toyota. After so many years of producing cars, the company decided to cease the manufacturing process in 2017 and to focus on selling cars as a national sales company. Holden lovers will enjoy seeing a parallel between Holden 1948 FX and 2016 Holden Commodore VFII, these two being the starting an ending points of Holden history.

The classic FX 48 Holden car vs. the modern Holden Commodore VFII

Holden 1948 FX

This car is usually known as FX Holden and was the first Australian assembles car, built especially for the Australian market. This old beauty had four doors, 2.15 litre engine and six seats. It was designed as a sedan durable and lightweight and its “grey engine” was created to offer durability and efficiency. It was excellent at its time for the great economy and performance that it offered. If the owner decided to drive all day, he could maintain its speed 105 km/h, FX being created with a top speed higher than 130km/h. It had an aerobilt body construction, with a new engineering principle for that time, combining chassis and body in one all-steel unit. It was produced between November 1948 and October 1953 and Prime Minister Ben Chifley unveiled it on 29 November 1948.

2016 Holden Commodore VFII

Holden Commodore VFII is designed to be the last from the Holden line, and it is created to share a lot with American cars, but to preserve also the Australian way. The exterior look will get as a plus from the other VF models, with a new front bumper and redesigned vents close to the fog lines. It will have a luxury version, called Commodore Calais that will offer heated and ventilated leather seats and a dual-zone climate control. It is as its predecessor a full sized sedan, with a big interior and trunk space. If the old one had a 2.15 litres engine, this modern version of has 6.2 litre LS3 engine. This engine produces 407 horsepower and with a HSV version. The GTS model will put up to 576 horsepower and it can be had in a ute version. The FX model do not received stars for its safety, but the last from its line was rated with five-stars ANCAP. It has hill hold control, traffic alert, and park assist and it is a good option for the ones that want a car with manual transmission. Commodore VFII has the purpose to be the last genuine Australian car. After its production the whole world will become a huge market. Holden engineering, design and manufacturing team have produced amazing Commodore cars and this model will make the company feeling proud, of their last product, as they were when they presented FX.

Is it absolutely necessary to change the car oil?

Owning a precious vehicle such as an Aston Martin involves many costs. While the car may not be so complex in nature since it shares many common parts with everyday cars, the maintenance of a luxury car has to be performed exclusively by a technician who has experience in Aston Martin servicing. The first thing you should include on your to-do list changing the car’s oil. There is a reason mechanics place a reminder on your windshield. Changing the oil of the car on a regular basis is necessary for the functioning of the engine. Following are some answers to the question of why it is important to change the oil of the car so often.

Is it absolutely necessary to change the car oil

Avoiding friction

Oil engine is used to maintain the functioning of the engine by lubricating the instruments. The reason why the components have to be oiled regularly is to ensure that they function properly. Metal on metal contact is to be avoided when you have a car because it ultimately leads to engine failure. Even if the car elements are designed to rub against each other in order to create energy, you should prevent friction. If the engine is not lubricated, then the engine’s components start making a loud noise and eventually wear off. Another point to consider is that the engine is oil-dependent, meaning that the oil breaks down in time and will not be able to provide lubrication.

Since grease tends to form inside the motor, you have change the oil. When the oil circulates through the engine it takes along with it the dirt and debris that make their way inside. By draining the oil, you actually remove all the stuff that prevents your car from functioning properly. As an added bonus, the ability of the vehicle to maintain optimum fuel power and efficiency is increased.

The temperature of the engine

Engine oil is specially created so as to provide support for the cooling system of the vehicle. In other words, the oil is useful for regulating the engine’s temperature. Basically, the oil absorbs the heat and, therefore, creates a cooler environment. Taking into consideration that the oil will break down at some point, it will no longer have the same ability of protecting the engine from heat. Additionally, when the car heats up and cools down for a long period of time, it creates condensation. The result is that moisture accumulates on the oil fill cap. More often than not, this condition is not diagnosed.

Never underestimating technicians

Even though you may be skilled with cars, it is highly recommendable to let a trained technician look under the hood of your Aston Martin. Only a professional is capable of spotting trouble situations and solve issues that normally cause the car to break down. The pricing for an oil check is almost the same everywhere you go. If you are in doubt regarding the type of oil your car needs, then consult with the owner’s manual. Even if the price of the service may seem expensive to you, remember that you will save money since you will not be required to pay for future engine repairs.

A guide to buying used cars

There has never been a better time to purchase a used car. Vehicles are in general more durable than in the past and break down after hundreds of thousands of kilometers, not to mention that one can check the history of any pre-owned car at services. Right now, a great number of used vehicles change hands, because of the advantages this kind of investment provides such as buying used cars at a fraction of the cost of their new counterpart. Keep in mind that used vehicles do represent a risk, so buyers need be scrutinizing when choosing their next car. Undisclosed problems and fender benders can get discovered in time with a thorough inspection.

  160143914 Car sale

How much can you afford on a car?


With hundreds of models of used cars available on the dedicated market, the decision is a difficult one. Therefore, it is important to establish some limits and slowly shorten the list of possibilities. Estimating a price range from the start can save you from making an investment you cannot afford. It is easy to get carried away when shopping for an automobile, so using a price filter when searching can help you avoid making a rash decision and buying a vehicle that does not fit your budget.


What types of cars would you prefer?


Making a list of target cars is a great idea too, because it can help you save time. If you have a brand or model of car already in mind, you should start by searching in that direction. A list with automobiles that meet your specific requirements and the limit of your budget will enable you to find the ideal car faster and easier.


Check prices and read reviews


The price of used cars differs from case to case. The condition of the car, the year of fabrication, the mileage and so on will determine a change in price, but sometimes car owners do not check the value of their car on the market and simply ask how much money they would like to make. Do not make the same mistake. You should check the market price to avoid paying more than necessary for your vehicle. You should also read reviews to ensure that the model of car you chose does not have a major fault such as breaking down faster than other models.


Check the history of pre-owned cars


This is a golden rule when purchasing used cars. Everyone would like to sell their vehicles at full price, so the tendency is to hide any faults. They would not disclose bended fenders and mechanical problems, if they can help it, so you should always make sure by visiting a service. They can easily tell you what type of problems the car has and it has ever had.

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