Posted on Dec 5, 2011

Mini Coupe

Mini has launched a mass production model that we could admire initially only as a car showroom concept. Mini Coupe looks so good, that brand officials have not resisted and gave it to the public. And well they did, because Mini is a brand that makes crazy things! And the new Coupe will become the new star. Because it looks absolutely incredible dynamic and turn all heads on the street. Furthermore it has received a lot of great car reviews that are not just based on its look but on its efficiency as well.

Mini Coupe Mini Coupe Picture

The version we received to test was Cooper S. And this is driven by the incredible engine of 184 hp 1.6 turbo. It is the best engine you can choose for a Mini. However, it is not the strongest. Because there are John Cooper Works version, where the motor is brought up to 211 hp. The alternatives are the 1.6 liter 122 hp turbo version of two-liter Cooper and 143 horsepower for SD Cooper.

Cooper S is however the best option with the spirit of Coupé. Such a look cannot be associated only with a powerful engine. The 184 hp is delivered at 5,500 rpm. Maximum torque is 260 Nm is constant between 1730 and 4500 rpm. That is where the allowances fantastic and the feeling that under the hood you have a small atomic bomb. The engine delivers linear power and never gives signs that it remains without soul. Amplified sound is pleasant and sensational central dual exhaust. Transmission is provided by a six-speed manual gearbox sufficiently precise. Optionally you can choose a six-speed automatic gearbox also. Given these features we can’t help but agree with numerous car reviews that point out how great Cooper S is for a daily use in a crowded city. Furthermore if you ever feel like taking a short road trip top clear your head you will greatly enjoy the car as it is extremely fun to drive and easy to handle.

Mini Coupe is a real bomb! Excellent engine and small size make the Mini Coupe a very pleasant car to drive. Dynamic suspension and rigid enough for a sporty Mini Cooper S Coupe leads you to approach corners in force. It is helped also by a very aerodynamic body and spoiler that rises automatically at speeds above 80 km / h. Of course you can lift spoiler by pressing a button.

The maximum speed Mini Cooper S Coupe can reach is 230 km / h and acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds only. Half of 80 to 120 km / h in fourth gear takes only 5.5 seconds. The elasticity of the engine combined with excellent gearbox Mini leveled make an all-rounder almost perfect in terms of engine. To overcome the fourth stage smoothly.
This is the most beautiful and attractive MINI created lately. It is an undeniable star, the form attracting all eyes on the street.

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