Posted on Nov 11, 2011

McLaren MP4-12C

Although the British supercar from McLaren provides for real both track and road, MP4-12C does not justify its start price for some fresh owners who have encountered many technical problems with their infant acquisitions.

But how is it possible for a supercar whose base price spins in the neighborhood of 200,000 Euros to have such problems in less than a year after its official launch?
According to official sources, the owners had problems with the locking of the doors. And these are not isolated cases.

Recently, the British asked all owners of MP4-12C to visit the nearest service McLaren to fix the defect before the owners wake up that the rain it falls on near the seals or sensors of the opening doors and they gave up the spirit.

McLaren MP4-12C McLaren MP4-12C Picture

Other owners have reported other problems: damaged brake hoses prematurely, majorbugs in the navigation software, and grouted to fudge the glass roof covering the centrally located engine.

One of these owners said that the navigation system’s MP4-12C or displays only the date of February 23, and the next visit to the default service should be performed (hold tight) in26,000 days. In addition to those listed above, he also complained about three defective tire pressure sensors and that the unit radio stops at five minutes after he stopped and closed the car.

This has a profound effect on those who ordered British supercar that those future owners have begun to cancel orders for fear of these issues and the other complications of McLaren.

A person who wanted to buy the new McLaren but withdrew its advance for the car after learning of this scandal said: “I would have liked to have one, but after I heard about these problems and the fact that McLaren extended delivery times for MP4-12C due to car problems, I decided that it is better to withdraw my money to advance.”

For this reason, McLaren have devised a way to keep customers who might be tempted to withdraw the advance car with a package of options “consolation” composed of a 5,000 euro discount, a 32GB iPod Touch McLaren, a navigation system with voice command IRIS and a picture of the future their MP4-12C signed by Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button.

McLaren still hope that will solve these problems in a timely manner and that those interested in the MP4-12C will not redirect to the Ferrari 458 Italia, because that would be a great financial blow for the manufacturer of Woking, famous for its success in Formula One race cars.

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