Posted on Nov 24, 2016

How to tell if your vehicle needs suspension upgrades

As a vehicle owner, you also have to care your car, not only to use it when you need. When purchasing it, it features only new components, and for a time you would not have to worry about repairs, but it is advisable to check its state from time to time to see if it has any damages, or if you have to replace some of its components. You should not take the suspension system for granted, because it influences the entire functionality of your vehicle, and you have to be sure that you drive a safe car. After a few years, the suspension system would require repairs, because it has supported tons of metal day by day, and it might feature damages. In this case, you should invest in some GVM upgrade solutions, because they would improve the functionality of your car, and you would have a smooth ride. Changing the suspension system not only that would allow you have a smooth ride, but it also influences the ability to control the car, especially when turning or stopping.
How to tell if your vehicle needs suspension upgrades

The vehicle pulls to one side while driving

The most common sign that your car has a suspension problem is when you notice that it pulls to the right or left. Even if it is one of the commonest signs, it is difficult to diagnose the problem, if you are not a professional, so you should take it to a check if you consider that you have noticed this issue. In addition, the car could pull to one side from any other reason, because there are multiple issues, which have this sign, like: sticking brake calliper, poor alignment, uneven tire pressure, bad steering rack or tie rods. The first issue that should be checked when dealing with this sign is the tire problem, because you might only have to rotate the tires or inflate them.

You feel every bump in the road

A clear sign that the struts and shocks have to be replaced and upgraded is when you have a rough ride. If every bump in the road makes your vehicle bounce, then you should take it to a mechanic for checking its suspension system. The shock absorbers have the role to keep your vehicle on the road, and when they leak, their performance is damaged and they would influence the functionality of the absorbers.

One corner of the vehicle is sitting low

When you park your car, and you notice that one of its corners sits lower than the other ones, you should ask a professional check it, because it might have a damaged spring. Another sign of this issue is when you notice a clunking noise when you ride over bumps. The cause is that the damaged spring is not able to support the weight, and the cornering function is compromised. If your car has a damaged spring, it would also lead to a damaged shock, because they are connected, and they influence each other’s state. You should not wait until your vehicle is dragging along the road before considering upgrading your suspension system.

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