Posted on Feb 23, 2017

Do I still need to look if I have a HGV sensor system?

The features of HGV sensor systems are improving daily, and many drivers consider that they can fully trust into the equipment to show them if there is any danger close to their vehicle. The fact is that these systems are very effective, but there are times when you have to look by your own, to make sure that the road is safe. If you are a driver then you know how important it is to select the right type of equipment. Not only that it will bring you multiple benefits, but it will also improve the safety when on the road. And if you are looking at the costs of a HGV sensor system you see that it does not cost a fortune. Providers have different cost efficient options, and they fit all the requirements and budgets, so you only have to search for the right one for you.
Do I still need to look if I have an HGV sensor system

You get great visibility

Modern drivers put emphasis on safety, but when having a truck the rear pillars are thicker than usual, and the windows do not offer you the visibility you need. Therefore, having a HGV sensor system would be of great help, because you will see clearly. While reversing, people take off their seat belt, in trying to see better, but in case of driving a truck, this does not help you too much.

HGV sensor systems bring safety

When driving a truck, the rear windows are quite small so, there will be a blind spot that will interfere your view. Therefore, if a child would stay in the back of your car you will not be able to see him or her. Actually, hundreds of kids die each ear due to this type of accident, because people reverse over them in streets. If you are using a HGV sensor system, you can save the life of a kid who does not understands the danger.

But you still need to look

You might have the misconception that if you are using a high-end technology, and you invest in this equipment you do not have to look when reversing. Well, the fact is that you should use your mirrors and turn your head when reversing, because in this way you can cover the surrounding area better. In addition, some parking sensors do not pick up little animals as cats, or they might offer you a distorted view in some cases. So make sure you double check, for your safety and of the ones around you.

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