Posted on Aug 26, 2016

It is not necessary to upgrade your car’s suspension if you are planning to fit larger wheels and tyres. However, if you are simply replacing the shocks, you may want to consider improving the car’s handling ability as well by way of suspension adjustment. Good handling is essential when navigating on rough terrain because it allows you to do things with ease. What is more, the way the vehicle responds to input is decisive for your safety. A suspension upgrade is not therefore a luxury, but a necessity. Your vehicle’s suspension has to be improved for protection from harm and, of course, performance. To make sure that your vehicle performs at its best, you should get GVM upgrades. Yet, before rushing into upgrade solutions, you should know that almost any component of the car’s suspension can be substituted for an improved version.
How to upgrade your cars suspension

Boost the performance of the shocks

Probably the fastest way to improve your suspension is to buy a new pair of shocks. They are an important component of your suspension system and therefore can affect your driving experience in a negative way fi they are not working right. Their role is to take in shocks so they will not be transferred to the vehicle’s body. Besides the fact that buying replacement OEM parts is simple, you have a range of choices. The reality is that the number of shocks is equal to the number of car models. Yet, it is important to pay attention to the fact that purchasing the wrong upgrade can completely ruin your driving experience. This is the reason why you should ask for recommendations when choosing a solution.

Lower the springs

For better ride and improved handling, you should consider lowering the springs. This will reduce the vehicle’s gravity centre a few inches and provide you great handling benefits. The new springs will reinforce your suspension system, thus providing your car increased strength. When shopping for new springs, it is important to have realistic towing expectations. While higher springs will give you a high amount of stiffness, softer springs are better for ensuring optimal performance.

Fit in strut braces

Strut braces are an essential suspension tool that increases rigidity and reduce the chassis reflex for better handling. Since the front strut has the greatest impact on the car’s performance, it is the first one you should replace. The good news is that a number of aftermarket suppliers make available this device. They are generally made from stainless steel, but they are available in other materials as well. You have to be sure that you are buying the right one for your type of car. Pay attention to compatibility. If you cannot find a steel-based one, you can have one made for you. Struts will cost you, but they are worth their price since.
The bottom line: a lot of work goes into making vehicle handling better with time. Upgrading your vehicle’s car handling should be done ahead of time. It will allow you to control your car more precise. Know exactly what you want to change and make sure that parts you buy match your model.

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